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The Microsoft Excel functions have been localized into many languages. If you send your Excel file to someone using a different language for Excel than you, the functions and formulas used in the workbook are automatically translated by Excel when opening the file. However, the automatic translation usually does not work, if you directly insert foreign language formulas into your worksheet. Such a situation may for example occur, if you are using Excel in German and want to use an English formula provided by a forum. The following online tool allows you to translate an Excel formula from one language into another language and therefore use the localized formula.

Microsoft Excel

Source formula

Source language

Target language


Separator for the function arguments

First argument for CELL()

First argument for INFO()

Target formula


Machine translation

This text has been machine translated.

Missing translation

This text has not been translated yet.


Hi there,
unfortunately, due to too much spam (hundreds a day), I had to temporarily disable the comments.Thanks for understanding.

Hello Jarmo,
thanks. I didn’t do anything between your first comment and the comment above. There may be some reasons, they work now:
may be that the problem was on the MS Server and the links temporarely didn’t work. Possible, as MS is I think, working on it. The Excel-Translator website creates the links to the MS Online Help Site by code, independently if the page is ready or not. Doing an existence check for a linked page is unfortunately too much consuming performance. But I hope that MS updates/finalizes the help pages quickly, so that the links to all languages will work.
the Excel-Translator website uses a caching mechanism for optimizing the performance. Normally the cache is renewed once a day and the user shouldn’t notice it. The last days (before your first comment), I was working on the German site of the Excel-Translator. This can also affect the other subdomains. So, it’s possible, that when you just accessed a page which cache was not updated and/or I forgot to update the cache manually, you’ll see an old version. A little bit later, the cache is automatically updated and you see a new version; even if the layout did not change.
Best Regards, Mourad

Jarmo Wegelius

Hi Mourad,

I don’t know if you did something or not but now those pages work.

And I meant those about 40 different language page links (section: ”Kieli”) which are on the bottom of e.g. those pages you named on your answer and each link should open MS online help for that one Excel function in the chosen language. Earlier of those pages at least English, German, Estonian and Danish always worked, but most other (I tried about 20 of those) did show just an error page telling ”there is no such page”. But I got the errors only on the pages for tkeskiarvo/daverage, tlaske/dcount, tmaks/dmax, tvarianssip/dvarp functions, but very many other functions worked even earlier ok. E.g. earlier https://support.office.com/fi-fi/article/TKESKIARVO-TKESKIARVO-funktio-a6a2d5ac-4b4b-48cd-a1d8-7b37834e5aee?ui=fi-FI&rs=fi-FI&ad=FI just gave an error, but now it works ok.

Anyway because now they all seem to work, so thank you very much for whatever you did (and even if you didn’t ;-), Jarmo.

Hello Jarmo,
many thanks for reporting the problem! I am unsure which links you are meaning. The links for the Excel-Translator itself or the links going to the Microsoft Online Help? If you are meaning the links on this Website, I checked some of them from database functions page. For me, they work and I can see the pages for the functions. Samples:


Can you not see these pages? If so, what does appear? An error page or nothing?If you are meaning the MS Online Help Links, it’s possible that they don’t exist yet. This as MS has apparently not finished to translate the online help to finnish. In any case, you can e-mail me to translator(at)maninweb(dot)de.
Thanks again for reporting, Best regards, Mourad

Jarmo Wegelius

Hi, to which mail address can I send info about the
http://en.excel-translator.de/functions/database/ and
where some Finnish sub-page links are not working (neither are most of the 35 other language links on those same pages)?
At least these Finnish Excel function pages do not exist:
Eg, https://support.office.com/fi-fi/article/eb0ba387-9cb7-45c8-81e9-0394912502fc/ which would be the Finnish page on DVARP function (ie. ”tvarianssip”).
BR, Jarmo Wegelius

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